A No Limits Session!

No limits! When my new sub first contacted me via email he explained how he’d like an extended extreme caning (impact play) session, explaining it’d had been a while since he was last strapped down and taken a good beating! Brilliant as I absolutely love this type of session. I replied instantly.

On the day of the meet, I was picked up as agreed. Shall we go out for lunch first? Why not, I thought. Better to have something before I break you. Hehe! Once we’d eaten we made our way to my chambers. All the way there my sub was telling me how nervous he was feeling. “I’ll take my time and slowly build you up; stop worrying” I said

Once at My chambers, I got changed and ready: leather skirt and leather bodice. At this point my sub is naked waiting anxiously. I rang my little bell – “Kneel in front of me.” I could clearly see he was nervous, so assured him I would take it slowly. “On your feet and get on the bench now!!” I strapped him down securely. Reaching for my strap, I began to warm his bottom with a good spanking until his arse was a ripe red. After a good 15 minutes I moved on to the leather strap. I told him he was now ready to take a hard stroke, so start counting!! “One.” He flinched just a touch so I immediately brought down the 2nd!! “2 Miss”. That’s better! I knew it wouldn’t take long to get him into subspace, and 15 strokes later I decide to move on to the bullwhip. Taking total control I began to whip his sore arse. I could tell by his soft whimpers that he was drifting into subspace. I then moved onto the cane – swish swish swish! I love to see the welts rising on the skin. My sub is now in subspace. Keeping him there, stroke after stroke, he’s totally mine.

At probably 200 strokes I decided he needed a break, and getting a nice warm glass of my champagne, I unstrapped him and made him drink it. He doesn’t take much persuading and he gulped it down. “ThAnk you Mistress.”

I cleaned his sore arse to see if there was any space left for a few more strokes. To my delight, on his left cheek there was enough room for at least 5 hard strokes. Get back on the bench!! Yes Mistress. Count!! With all my strength I brought the cane down. 1. swish. 2 swish. 3 swish. 4 swish. 5, the last one. Well and truly exhausted, it was over. Now on his knees begging his submission. “Well done boy you took it very well.” The session was finished. I cleaned him up and sent him on his way with a very sore memory. Be careful what you wish for as I may be sexy but I can also be very mean!