Yorkshire Mistress – Merciless Bitch – Profile


I am Merciless Bitch, a highly individual Dominatrix, unlike any Mistress you have ever met before. I am a traditionalist in style and demeanour; educated, poised, and enjoying a sadism that sometimes takes My own breath away.

I am a natural-born Pedagogue of Perversion. I adorn Myself in the sensuous clothes & accessories of a rather decadent lady.

There are strict Mistresses and there is Myself, Merciless Bitch. If you are lucky to gain entry to My domain you will obey Me in every way, and if you don’t, you will feel the full extent of My wrath, which few have dared to sample.

I am a well known Dominatrix in Yorkshire and have been guiding and punishing submissives for some time now. I have heard all scenarios so don’t feel you will shock Me with your requests.

If you wish for a forced bi session, I do have a male submissive on hand to use however I see fit, and he can be called on if required when you give Me prior notice.

I see submissives of any gender. I also see respectful fetishists who have particular fetishes but who are not necessarily submissive.

I am the supreme Yorkshire Mistress – Merciless Bitch, and I have been enjoying My role as Mistress/Dominatrix for some time now. I have acquired a small select group of wonderful slaves who enjoy My all encompassing style of erotic, sensual and harsh domination.

I am very strict and discerning, but those willing to be trained to My exacting standards will be rewarded with the experience of a lifetime.

My style of Domination is a combination of all the senses.

Be warned: I will hurt you!